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New Fleet Keeper™

New Fleet Keeper™

Mobile and web application

In July 2016, AG˼ƻ Helicopters’ Fleet Keeper™ mobile and web application was approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) to completely replace the paper technical logbook within AG˼ƻ Helicopters’ airworthiness organisation. This important milestone signifies that Fleet Keeper™ is a deployable tool ready to replace operators’ paper technical logbooks.

Other countries, such as Singapore and South Africa, later approved this application in answer to local requirements.

Fleet Keeper™ was designed in direct collaboration with select operators, with the aim of easing their day-to-day activities, allowing them to focus on their operations.

Thanks to this new tool, operators no longer have to wait until the end of each workday to receive flight data and technical events information concerning their fleets. They can now keep an eye on their entire fleet throughout the day and from any location, regardless of whether they operate from one single or multiple bases.

Fleet Keeper™ also helps operators to anticipate their maintenance activities and efficiently plan their helicopter operations. Moreover, pilots, airworthiness managers and mechanics can easily share data among themselves seamlessly and in real time, removing the need for duplicating hand-written reports. All flight data and technical information recorded before, during and after flight will be uploaded automatically to the Cloud, accessible from both mobile tablets and the Web. Intuitive and ergonomic, AG˼ƻ Helicopters’ Fleet Keeper™ tool is available for free trials.

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