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Super Puma聽

Super Puma聽

Family and fleet

A message from Herve Jammayrac, Chief Flight Test Pilot

"I am Chief Flight Test Pilot for AG真人计划 Helicopters, and lead our flight team in our methodical, comprehensive and staged process of examining the systems and components of each helicopter. Through that understanding, and throughout the testing process, we listen to and learn from the performance of the aircraft.

Testing takes place in specific environmental conditions, so that a wide range of complex data can be gathered and analyzed to exacting standards. That information is then used to ensure that each component and performance of every aircraft complies with the highest safety requirements, even as AG真人计划 Helicopters seeks to constantly boost the safety of each of its own helicopters, and through them the safety of the entire industry. This is a very rigorous process, precisely documented, with each flight yielding a very large number of parameters that are analyzed to extract all the data that can help in the process of understanding and improving. This data is shared with the design engineers, who use it to enhance every aspect of the aircraft, from climbing capacity, to fuel flow, speed and, above all, safety.

With more than 35 years of flying experience in dozens of different types of helicopters, I believe aeronautical engineering is key. You are as much an engineer as a pilot."

Herve Jammayrac, Chief Flight Test Pilot

Infographic: Super Puma family and fleet

The most recent members of the Super Puma family are the H225 and H215. With certification in 2004 and 2012 respectively, these represent the latest versions of the helicopter family and rely on modern systems for efficient and simplified operation.

Super Puma Infographic
H215 06 September 2019

Super Puma Infographic

The Super Puma family consists of the heavy twin-engine H215 and H225 along with their military version, the H215M and H225. The variants you see in our range today are the result of successive improvements and upgrades in terms of size, weight, power, technology and design, that increase efficiency and safety.

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Super Puma Global Fleet


Super Puma Information Centre

Super Puma Information Centre

LN-OJF Accident investigation status

Super Puma family and fleet

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