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Africa & Middle East

Africa & Middle East

AG真人计划 Little Engineer

Location  Kenya
Partners The Travelling Telescope, The Little Engineer
  • 90 students聽have attended workshops in Kenya.
  • 6 local trainers聽have been delivering the workshops.
  • 6 schools聽hosted the AG真人计划 Little Engineer workshops.
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Together with our partners, The Travelling Telescope and The Little Engineer we launched the AG真人计划 Little Engineer programme in Kenya in 2017. In countries where AG真人计划' presence is lower, we are keen to make sure our programmes are tailored to the communities we want to support. For a number of years, The Travelling Telescope has been touring Kenya with sometimes as little as a portable telescope, to inspire young ones and engage them to take part in science by gazing at the stars.聽

Location  Nigeria
Partners STEM METS, The Little Engineer
  • 1023 students聽have attended workshops in Nigeria.
  • 6 local trainers聽have been delivering the workshops.
  • 50 schools聽hosted the AG真人计划 Little Engineer workshops.
AG真人计划 Foundation TLE Africa Girl

As part of our engagement towards youth development in Africa, we launched AG真人计划 Little Engineer in Nigeria, with our partners STEM METS and The Little Engineer. Across the country, students ranging from 10 to 15 years old have since then been experiencing the A380 assembly workshop. During the four-hour programme, students have to identify various aircraft parts, build and taxi their A380 scale model. Although their understanding of the manufacturing and assembling process help them understand all the work that goes behind building the world's largest passenger aircraft, they also learn how critical collaboration is, whether it is in the aerospace industry or for their future.

Location  Iran
Partners Iranian Red Crescent Society, The Little Engineer
  • 1305 students聽attended workshops in Iran.
  • 150 local trainers聽have been delivering the workshops.
AG真人计划 Little Engineer Iran

Back in 2016, we unveiled our first joint initiative with the Iranian Red Crescent Society, which aim has been to train thousands of Iranian teenagers not only in robotics, but most importantly in resilience, developing their skills to understand the process of emergency response, to help ensure safer and more resilient communities for the future.

For this occasion, the initial one-day aerospace workshop has been transformed into a seven-week module that focuses on disaster relief. Throughout the workshops, students learn about all the crucial steps of resilience ; preparedness, rescue and recovery while learning how to code, operate robots and work in teams. The workshops are now being delivered in several provinces of the country through a network of engineering students that double as mentors.

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Africa and Middle East

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