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Mission and Governance

Mission and Governance

Guillaume Faury, CEO AG真人计划, Chairman of AG真人计划 Foundation

鈥淔or many years, the AG真人计划 Foundation has supported internationally recognised humanitarian organisations through AG真人计划鈥 products and services, and inspired young people through the world of aerospace. These activities continue to be at the heart of our Foundation鈥檚 mission and I am very proud of the work that we do. We are able to undertake such a broad range of activities around the world thanks to the energetic support of our AG真人计划 colleagues and pro-active partners. Indeed, these partnerships and collaborations underpin and strengthen the AG真人计划 Foundation鈥檚 ability to achieve positive impact for thousands of beneficiaries around the world.鈥

Integrating all the Company's resources

AG真人计划 Foundation drives the Company's worldwide philanthropic actions, devoting our resources to effective partnerships with volunteer associations and international aid organisations. From relief flights aboard AG真人计划 test aircrafts, to satellite imagery and helicopter hours, the Foundation integrates the activities of all AG真人计划' Divisions, each uniquely suited to provide resources that can bloster our partners' endeavours.

We also aim to inspire and encourage youth development through contact with the aerospace industry. Through our various programmes and thanks to the engagement of our passionate and highly motivated employees, we invest in the future of communities we support; sharing with young people our passion for science in general and aeronautics in particular.

Contact us
For inquiries regarding the Foundation鈥檚 activities, please contact us.


Partnering for a better world

The AG真人计划 Foundation鈥檚 work is made possible through its partnerships. We鈥檙e collaborating with a growing number of internationally recognised organisations. Click below to learn more about the work they do.

International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)聽is the world's largest humanitarian network that reaches 150 million people in 189 National Societies through the work of over 17 million volunteers. Together, they act before, during and after disasters and health emergencies to meet the needs and improve the lives of vulnerable people.

Read more about International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies

The Crisis and Support Centre

聽The French Crisis and Support Centre (CDCS), established in 2008 by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, monitors and anticipates crises abroad, preparing response plans, conducting operations and supporting post-disaster recovery.

Read more about the Crisis and Support Centre

Action Contre la Faim

Since its creation in 1995,聽Action Contre la Faim has supported lifesaving programmes in over 40 countries around the world. The organisation saves the lives of malnourished children and provide families with access to safe water and good nutrition. In 2014, ACF helped over 13.6 million people worldwide.

Read more about Action Contre la Faim聽

Aviation sans Fronti猫res

Aviation Sans Fronti猫res is聽 a non-profit organisation since 1980 and state-approved of public utility since 1993. For over 30 years, ASF led humanitarian missions to the聽 poor聽 at the heart of developing countries. ASF聽 offers聽 its materialistic resources, but also the professionalism and aeronautical skills of its members to serve humanitarian causes.

Read more about Aviation Sans Fronti猫res


Humedica, founded in 1979 and situated in Kaufbeuren (Bavaria), is an international non-governmental organisation, which provides humanitarian assistance in more than 90 countries. Humedica聽aims to help people, who suffer hardship due to disasters or structural poverty.

Read more about Humedica

United Way

United Way improves lives by mobilising the caring power of communities around the world to advance the common good. United Way is the world鈥檚 largest privately-funded nonprofit with nearly 2.6 million volunteers and 9.6 million donors around the world. Together, they raise聽more than $5 billion聽every year to create聽community solutions that improve life for everyone, impacting聽 the lives of up to 50 million people every year.

United Way France Tocqueville
United Way of Southwest Alabama

Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center

The Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center is a non-profit, mission based, science center that promotes science learning through a variety of inquiry-based educational and entertaining activities, including exhibits, IMAX films, demonstrations, workshops and teacher professional development. It is located in Mobile, Alabama, US.

Read more about Gulf Coast Exploreum Science Center


fly2help is an aviation charity dedicated to raising the spirits of people, young and old, living in difficult personal situations and inspiring young people as they consider their future lives.聽 Founded by pilots, our Air Smiles Days and Aim High education programme take everything that is exhilarating about flying and uses it to do something extraordinary.

Read more about fly2help

Tango Flight

Tango Flight is a hands-on high school class where students build and fly a two-seat airplane over the course of a school year. Students learn about all aspects of aviation and aerospace engineering through the hands-on experience of building an RV-12 aircraft, working with local aviation companies and even earn college credit with the integrated Project Lead the Way engineering curriculum.

Read more about Tango Flight

Rock Your Life!

In Germany, the link between a young person鈥檚 perspective and socio-demographic background is remarkably strong. Especially for youngsters from disadvantaged milieus, this poses an essential problem. The German school system is very selective, allowing little educational mobility. ROCK YOUR LIFE! wants to encourage pupils on their way to professional life and contribute to them finding out about their strengths and talents, so that they start living accordingly.

Read more about Rock Your Life!

Board of Directors

The AG真人计划 Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors composed of AG真人计划 management members, employee representatives and external experts in their fields.

College of Founding Members

Guillaume Faury Chief Executive Officer of AG真人计划 SE
Thierry Baril Chief Human Resources Officer AG真人计划
Bruno Even Chief Executive Officer of AG真人计划 Helicopters
Dirk Hoke Chief Executive Officer AG真人计划 Defence and Space
C. Jeffrey Knittel Chairman and Chief Executive Officer AG真人计划 Americas
Amparo Moraleda Member of the Board of Directors of AG真人计划 SE
Grazia Vittadini Chief Technology Officer AG真人计划
George Xu Chief Executive Officer of AG真人计划 China

College of Employee Representatives

Marc Ambiaux Chairman of European AG真人计划 SE-Works Council
Thomas Busch Vice-President of European AG真人计划 SE-Works Council

College of External Experts

鈥淭he Foundation felt that I had the right ethos as a partner with my insight into the growth and development of young adults in the workplace. I can advise as to what does and doesn鈥檛 work when engaging this segment鈥.

Kriss Akabusi,聽Olympic medallist and CEO of The Akabusi Company & Charitable Trust

鈥淲e highly value the partnership between the IFRC and AG真人计划 Foundation, which enables us to join commercial capacity with true humanitarian experience, enhancing the value of humanitarian action. Proven by the partnership experience, we can achieve more together when there is a shared vision and common objective of helping people in need.鈥

Birgitte Stalder-Olsen,聽Former Head of IFRC Global Logistics

鈥淏eing part of an airline such as JetBlue allowed me to get acutely familiar with the commercial aircraft business. In my opinion, it鈥檚 vital for the aviation to play a prominent role in supporting humanitarian. Pace, speed, efficiency: this is what aviation can bring鈥.

Dave Barger,聽Airlink Board member and former CEO of JetBlue Airways

鈥淭here are two forms of education: one that prepares and one that inspires. What I鈥檝e learned as Minister is that you cannot expect everything to come from public policies. There鈥檚 also room for philanthropy, informal actions, companies 鈥 corporate foundations are a great complement to the effort of boosting interest in science and technology鈥.
Claudie Haigner茅,聽First French woman astronaut and Senior Advisor to the Director General of European Space Agency

鈥淎t Fab Foundation we believe that people shape technology and that technology serves humanity. The exciting, impactful work that AG真人计划 Foundation engages in - supporting STEAM education, supporting and actively participating in humanitarian efforts, is perfectly aligned with those goals and beliefs. AG真人计划 Foundation is pioneering a terrific model for corporate philanthropy across Europe and making impact in society.聽 It is a great pleasure to be able to help form and disseminate such good practices in the world."聽
Sherry Lassiter,聽President and CEO of the Fab Foundation

AG真人计划 Foundation

Mission & Governance

Youth development initiatives

Partnering with the humanitarian community

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