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As one of its initiatives to get young people excited about science, the AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space is launching video content that explains the basics of flight, from birds and balloons through to the latest technologies and features in flight today. The content is grouped into three chapters: "Things that fly", "10.000 airplanes up in the sky" and "Finding your way through the clouds". The goal: to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers using aerospace.聽

These videos build on the success of the moon content created by topic experts from our Space team in collaboration with the European Space Agency which has reached thousands of students, teachers and science centres around the world.

They were created by AG真人计划 subject matter experts in Commercial Aircraft and Helicopters, who helped to explain the ideas in a way that kids could understand.聽

The videos complement the Foundation鈥檚 current Flying Challenge and Little Engineer youth development programmes that are bringing science, technology, engineering and maths-based subjects and careers to life for a new generation. The content brings theoretical concepts to life in an engaging and intriguing way. Each animation leaves the viewer with a STEM (science, technology, engineering or maths) topic to explore, whether offline or via the embedded 3D design software tools 鈥 Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

Thanks to the support of AG真人计划 volunteers in developing inspiring content, the AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space platform has been receiving great feedback from partners, parents, teachers and most importantly, from the students themselves.

The content also underlines AG真人计划鈥 wider commitment to supporting goal number four of the UN鈥檚 Sustainable Development Goals, which targets quality education for all.聽

Things that fly

The chapter How Things Fly consists of four videos. These videos examine the ups and downs of helium and hot air balloons, consider how nature has designed birds as the perfect flying machines, and begin by explaining how aircraft and helicopters are designed to take to the skies.

Balloons: why do they float?      
Why birds are made for flying      
How do airplanes fly?      
How do helicopters fly?      

10.000 airplanes up in the sky

The second of three chapters, 鈥10,000 airplanes up in the sky 鈥 flying in the real world!鈥 includes six videos. These look at the history of flight and what aircraft are used for, how to design and build one, and what fuel sources can be used to power it.

There is also a video which focuses on airplanes and the planet and explains how aircraft of today are developed with the environment in mind. The final film focuses on airports, explaining features such as air traffic control.

The history of flying      
What do we use aircraft for?      
How to design an airplane      
What fuel do planes fly with?      
Airplanes: Evolving for the planet      
Airports: The perfect home of planes      

Finding your way through the clouds

鈥楩inding your way through the clouds 鈥 how to get from A to B鈥 - the last of three chapters in the series is now available and includes six videos. The first of these looks at how aircraft take off, including everything from taxiing to how they physically become airborne.

Other videos explain how aircraft control systems work and how they cope with bad weather, such as ice or lightning. The way that pilots navigate along invisible highways in the air and the physical effects that flying has on passengers are also covered, along with how aircraft land.

Getting ready for take-off      
3 ways an airplane can turn      
How airplanes fly in bad weather      
The invisible highways in the sky      
What happens when you fly      
How to land an airplane      
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