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Welcome to the AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space!

The AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space is a digital portal for aerospace exploration, connecting students, parents and educators across the globe with professionals in the field, bringing today鈥檚 research and technology to life.

How does ...?

How does ...?

Find the answers to basics of flight in our new video series

Mission to the Moon

Mission to the Moon

What would it be like to live on the moon?

What would it be like to live on the moon?

Learn about the science of flight and the moon with fun videos

How to land an airplane      
What happens when you fly      
The invisible highways in the sky      
How airplanes fly in bad weather      
3 ways an airplane can turn      
Getting ready for take-off      
Airports: The perfect home of planes      
Airplanes: Evolving for the planet      
What fuel do planes fly with?      
How to design an airplane      
What do we use aircraft for?      
The history of flying      
How do helicopters fly?      
How do airplanes fly?      
Why birds are made for flying      
Balloons: why do they float?      
The AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space      
AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space Radiation on the moon      
AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space Introduction      
AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space: Launching into space      

Test your knowledge with our web games!

ESA Astronaut Tim Peake opens the AG真人计划 Foundation Discovery Space in Stevenage


Find all the resources you need!

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Science of flight

Mission to the moon

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