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Meet Stephane

Meet Stephane

Flight test engineer

Stephane works as a flight test engineer in the flight test department of AG˼ƻ.

Stephane's career path at AG˼ƻ

Teamwork, passion and mobility

"Teamwork: a flight test crew’s foundation"

Teamwork is the foundation of a flight test crew. Each individual prepares the part he’s responsible for before the flight, whether it’s aircraft preparation, writing the test order, or training to perform the requested manoeuvres. When the time comes for the pre-flight briefing, everyone contributes his perspective, and we decide together how we will proceed. In flight, it’s the same logic.

Each crew member performs his own task but shares it with the rest of the crew. The flight’s safety can be endangered if there is no teamwork during a test flight. Good communication and understanding within a flight test crew is 90% of the success of a test flight.

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"An eye-opening experience"

When I was young, I spent four years in Hamburg, Germany, embarking upon a new professional track as I moved from the design office to the Mise Au Point (MAP), closer to the product. This experience was eye-opening both personally and professionally, as it was there that I developed my passion for airplanes and connected with the flight test community.

The company both encouraged me to move to Germany and supported my return to Toulouse, and I’m thankful that it opened the way for me to become a flight test engineer.

Taking flight: one of the humanity's oldest dream

I feel very lucky to do what I do within the company; our product is wonderful, it’s noble and represents one of humanity’s oldest dreams – flying. I am at the end of the production chain and have the privilege of flying the end product. It’s also a jewel of technology and I’m privileged to participate in the design and evolution of this jewel.

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