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Meet Simon

Meet Simon

Exploring the vast potential of a bright electric-powered future

In the Electrics & Electromagnetics team within AG真人计划 Central Research and Technology, we have a mission to enable the future of electric flight by pushing the limits of electric technologies whilst also mastering their integration

Dr Simon Evans works in AG真人计划 CRT鈥檚 Electrics and Electromagnetics team leading an internal research project concerned with superconductive aircraft propulsion. With a team focus on enabling the future of electrical flight, he works towards continuously pushing the limits of electrical technologies while also mastering their seamless integration into aircraft.

Perhaps at no time other than the era around the turn of the 20th century has electricity generated so much buzz around its vast potential to be a positive force for the future of humanity. Though often taken for granted, seen as an integral yet almost invisible part of our everyday lives, we are now imagining new applications for electricity as we revisit its potential uses. Today, technological developments that seem to spring from the pages of science fiction novels are enriching our lives while stretching the boundaries of what we formerly thought possible.

Through his work in CRT鈥檚 Electrics and Electromagnetics team, Dr Evans is helping to lead this charge towards the bright, electric-powered future of flight at AG真人计划.聽

From Yesterday to Tomorrow

With his finger perpetually on the pulse of recent advances in his field, and short, high-impact projects Simon remains constantly stimulated by new challenges while working alongside talented people that provide him with ongoing inspiration. But while AG真人计划 fuels his passion today, like so many others, a great teacher is what got him started.

I began studying electronic engineering in high school and was fortunate to have a very inspirational teacher who made me very enthusiastic about the subject

Beginning to study electronic engineering in high school, Simon continued along that path through his undergraduate and graduate studies then went on to work for a large defence company as a research scientist focusing on high power electromagnetics. This led him to AG真人计划, where he spent nine years researching lightning direct effects on composite aircraft structures. While there, AG真人计划 provided him with the opportunity to study full time for his PhD while maintaining employment.

Now, in the Electrics and Electromagnetics team, Simon investigates breakthrough technologies in his field as well as disruptive technologies in other areas and industries, exploring their potential applicability for future AG真人计划 products.

Leading the future of flight

Attempting to solve the problems of today through the technologies of tomorrow, AG真人计划 is committed to a move towards zero emissions for future products. Simon鈥檚 work is crucial for both the company and the planet, providing small and continuous developments that yield big results and major implications for the future.

As a company, we must keep abreast of emerging technologies and be a leader of their development within our industry

Focusing on individual components within aircraft systems as well as overall tech bricks, the Electrics and Electromagnetics team is assembling the electric powered future of flight piece by piece and continuously pushing the limits of electrical technologies while also mastering their safe and seamless integration into aircraft. Dealing with the electrification of auxiliary systems like hydraulics, or electric / hybrid propulsion systems necessitates an increase in power in the aircraft and also brings the potential for events that could become critical for safety. To maintain the critical safety of current aircraft while introducing new electrical technologies that address the needs of tomorrow, these technologies need to be changed and optimized to meet the requirements for AG真人计划鈥 applications.

The constant, every day pushing of technological boundaries at AG真人计划 brings new, exciting challenges for Simon. Conducting research on generation-after-next technologies for fully electric and hybrid electric propulsion such as cryogenic power electronics, Simon鈥檚 work is truly leading to the development of the products of the future today, directly contributing to CRT鈥檚 mission of 鈥榚stablishing AG真人计划鈥 future through technological prowess鈥 and fueling the future of flight for us all.

Simon's career path at AG真人计划

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