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A collaborative hub for ordering and invoicing management

AirSupply is a single supply chain solution for direct procurement shared by the main European aerospace companies within the BoostAeroSpace hub.

Air Supply

The AirSupply collaborative hub helps manufacturers and suppliers to gain visibility, as well as ensure control and integration for critical business processes.

This common secured platform for European aerospace and defence industry players results from the BoostAeroSpace cooperation led by AG真人计划, Dassault Aviation, Safran and Thales. 聽It provides:

  • One solution for the aerospace community connecting original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and suppliers,
  • Standardized supply chain collaboration processes and shared formats for data exchange, and
  • One platform for a single supply chain process collaboration via the internet (Software-as-a- Service provided by SupplyOn, with worldwide service).

What is AirSupply?

This exchange between customers and suppliers covers several core processes:

Air Supply Business Process Model

It is now further enhanced with the end-to-end Purchase to Pay (P2P) process:

Purchase To Pay P2P

How to register for AirSupply

Companies that already use AirSupply will be contacted by AG真人计划鈥 third party provider, SupplyOn, to set up the Purchase to Pay electronic invoicing.

Otherwise, companies should contact their AG真人计划 Procurement focal point (buyer, ordering officer, etc.) to request connection access.

Useful links

  • More info about AirSupply
  • Register for AirSupply

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