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Cabin Upgrade Services

Cabin Upgrade Services

AG真人计划 Customer Services

The cabin is one of the most important elements in an aircraft. It is the area where airlines create the environment that they want to provide for their passengers. AG真人计划 is constantly monitoring the evolving global trends for comfort and services to match expectations of the customer.

In order to provide superior passenger experience, AG真人计划 aircraft operators adapt their cabins to satisfy these evolving expectations. AG真人计划 upgrade services is best placed to provide operators with the highest standard of integration services, from light cabin refurbishment to full cabin reconfiguration. Innovating to create value is at the heart of AG真人计划鈥 business model, and cabin upgrade services offer customers the chance to ensure they remain at the forefront of the aviation industry by maximising revenues and enhancing the quality and longevity of their fleet.

AG真人计划 Upgrade Services - Systems and airframe


Cabin upgrades

In the highly competitive commercial aviation world, customers will upgrade their cabins to:

  • Promote a distinctive brand image;
  • Adhere to market trends and standards of comfort - fulfilling passenger expectations;
  • Harmonise the fleet;
  • Maximise revenues and add value to the aircraft.

The aircraft cabin is the principal revenue generator for airlines, so it is essential to get the best-possible interior layout and service package to ensure operational success. AG真人计划 provides solutions to help operators stay at the forefront of the aviation industry, while also satisfying the passengers. New innovations such as Space-Flex, pivoting bins and Smart-Lav together with new maximum passenger boundaries for the A320 offer significant opportunities to maximise revenues.

AG真人计划 upgrade services cover the needs of all customers: passengers鈥 airlines, leasing companies, freighter companies, corporate jets, VIPs and military derivatives, for all AG真人计划 aircraft types, from the first A300 to the latest A350 XWB.

Retrofitting possibilities

Cabin monuments

  • Cabin crew rest rooms
  • Stowage
  • Galleys
  • Lavatories

Cabin systems

  • Medical outlets
  • Passenger oxygen
  • Emergency lighting
  • Connectivity
  • Cabin general illumination
  • Cabin intercommunication data systems (CIDS)

聽Seating and passenger layouts

  • Passenger seats
  • In-seat power systems
  • Cabin attendant seats

聽General cabin

  • Linings and furnishings
  • Floor covering
  • Passenger supply channel
  • Curtain partitions
  • Ancillary equipment
  • Placards and marking
  • Cabin emergency equipment

聽In-flight entertainment

  • High-speed SATCOM
  • Replacement of CRT overhead video with new light weight LCD
Upgrades Cabin Section


The AG真人计划 platform is:

  • Built for on-board mobile telephony services (OMTS), internet access, wireless streaming and crew applications;
  • Based on a modular concept with functions adaptable to your needs;
  • Designed to connect to various SATCOM technologies (i.e. L-Band, Ka-Band, Ku-Band, Air to Ground);
  • Ready for applications dedicated to aircraft data management and flight operations;
  • Available on the entire AG真人计划 product line, line fit and retrofit;
  • Ready to be fully connected with AG真人计划 cabin management.聽

Connect with Confidence:

  • High-bandwidth connectivity;
  • Passenger experience like at home (bring your own device);
  • Multi services: internet, mobile telephony, wireless streaming, aircraft flight operations applications;
  • Mix and match: different technologies, several suppliers, integrated with IFE systems on all AG真人计划 aircraft;
  • AG真人计划 technical publications documentation updated accordingly;
  • Buyer furnished equipment (BFE) or seller furnished equipment (SFE) options;
  • Extended service goal (ESG) eligible;
  • Electromagnetic interference (EMI) certification by AG真人计划 continued airworthiness for your aircraft;
  • Value-added solutions.
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