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Interiors services

Interiors services

AG真人计划 Customer Services

Cabin differentiation

AG真人计划 Interiors Services is dedicated to creating innovative products and solutions for aircraft interiors 鈥 with the primary goals of improving airline revenues, as well as enhancing the overall passenger experience.

As part of the聽AG真人计划 Services offer, AG真人计划 Interiors Services is a new capability 鈥 extending current cabin upgrade solutions for AG真人计划 aircraft operators while bringing additional flexibility and reduced lead times.

"When it comes to cabin differentiation, it鈥檚 all about the services."

Achieving cabin differentiation in a short lead-time requires close coordination with customers to identify needs, propose solutions and subsequently work together to determine the best compromises when necessary. AG真人计划 Interiors Services has the ability to focus on very specific demands and the answers through innovative and agile solutions.

Customer-centric solutions

AG真人计划 Interiors Services鈥 120 employees have built their experience on the design and production of cabin modifications using integrated processes, developed in close proximity with customers.

Through the experienced team of engineers and supply chain specialists, AG真人计划 Interiors Services offers various retrofit solutions. By combining the competitiveness and reliability of manufacturer-developed solutions with the agility of tailored creations, it delivers upgrade solutions and tailored equipment to AG真人计划 standards.

Customer support is centralised to AG真人计划鈥 support organization, and customers also benefit from updated technical publications and the guarantee that an extended service goal capability is preserved.

Tailored equipment

AG真人计划 Interiors Services 鈥 which developed the innovative 鈥淒ay & Night鈥 product for a more exclusive passenger experience aloft 鈥 currently is focussed on two business lines.

AG真人计划 Interiors Services engineers and produces a wide scope of tailored equipment to fix specific customer issues. These units (known as 鈥渕onuments鈥) 鈥 which are quickly produced in small quantities 鈥 include galleys, linings, partitions, bars, changing rooms, toilets and more.聽

For premium areas, AG真人计划 Interiors Services鈥 innovative 鈥淒ay & Night鈥 concept featuring two separate spaces 鈥 a 鈥淒ay鈥 living zone and a private, quiet 鈥淣ight鈥 environment 鈥 for a more exclusive passenger experience aloft.聽

The 鈥淣ight鈥 zone features a full-height enclosed suite with comfortable bed, individual storage and personal screen; while the 鈥淒ay鈥 living portion comprises a premium seat, dining and working table, and personal screen.


AG真人计划 Interiors Services offers upgrade solutions for cabins and systems to meet particular needs.聽

An upgrade solution is delivered to customers as a kit accompanied by installation instructions (including service bulletins), with related AG真人计划 services provided as well. These solutions are in the sector of cabin equipment as well as cabin systems (including cabin video surveillance, passenger power supply and other technologies).聽

AG真人计划 Interiors Solutions鈥 innovations include the Central Ceiling Stowage for A320 Family 鈥渃lassic cabins鈥.

In addition, AG真人计划 Interiors Solutions values the feedback of its customers, and integrates their ideas and inputs when developing new products that will benefit the full community of AG真人计划 operators.聽

These products are part of the AG真人计划 cabin portfolio, and include such innovations as the Central Ceiling Stowage (CCS) for A319, A320 and A321 鈥渃lassic cabins鈥 鈥 which provides extra space in the ceiling; and a dedicated Electronic Flight Bag mounting device for the A350 XWB cockpit.聽

Learn more about the AG真人计划 Interiors Services by visiting the website:

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AG真人计划 Interiors Services

AG真人计划 Services
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