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Airport Operations and Technical data

Airport Operations and Technical data

AG真人计划 Customer Services

Collaborative approach

Aircraft rely on airport infrastructure to operate in a safe and efficient manner. AG真人计划 works with airlines, airports, civil aviation authorities, and ground handling companies to facilitate daily aircraft operations at a diverse range of airports.

As part of this collaborative approach, AG真人计划 can calculate, simulate and optimise the time needed for aircraft turnarounds, and it can perform compatibility assessments for its aircraft with existing handling and servicing equipment 鈥 along with supporting the development of new ground support equipment.

Preparing the future

Airport operations help shape the aircraft of the future, which explains why AG真人计划 is actively involved in the evolution of airport developments and rule-making to ensure that operations are optimised moving forward.

AG真人计划鈥 open approach to collaboration and partnership has been part of its philosophy since the company was created over 40 years ago.聽 In designing new aircraft, AG真人计划 always seeks the input of customers and those who handle the jetliners on a day-to-day basis.聽 One of the best illustrations of this approach was the global working group established when AG真人计划 designed the A380, which ensured the world鈥檚 largest airliner鈥檚 compatibility with airports around the globe from the day it entered revenue service.


A full range of documentation and publications are available from AG真人计划 with useful airport operations information for airlines, airport planners, airport operators and rescue personnel.聽 This includes aircraft characteristics manuals for airport planning, aircraft rescue charts, pavement load bearing publications, and general information documentation on AG真人计划 aircraft.

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Review technical data for the A220 Family, which joined AG真人计划' product聽portfolio in 2018.

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