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Asset Management

Asset Management


Selling and leasing used AG˼ƻ aircraft

AG˼ƻ’ Asset Management division is responsible for trade-ins, selling and leasing used AG˼ƻ aircraft to operators around the world. Its primary responsibilities include commercial, financial and risk management of the company’s portfolio, as well as the enhancement of all AG˼ƻ products’ residual value.

A full range of related services can be arranged through the Asset Management division, from assistance with service entry and interior reconfiguration, to maintenance support and more.

This division leverages the skills and experience of dedicated team members that are based at AG˼ƻ’ Toulouse, France headquarters.

Valid enquiries related to AG˼ƻ’ Asset Management division should be directed to:

Long-haul efficiency

The AG˼ƻ A340-300 in flight, equipped with CFM engines.

The AG˼ƻ A340 opened true long-haul operations upon its service entry, and together with the A330, has become the best-selling wide-body jetliner family of all time.

A340s fly on every continent, on routes shorter than 150 nm. and over 8,000 nm. with 99% fleet reliability. With four engines, the A340 avoids ETOPS constraints and offers superior performance from “hot and high” airports.

The A340 continues to provide efficient lift for long-haul operations with a modern, comfortable cabin that can offer the latest in in-flight entertainment and further maximise revenue with excellent cargo capability.

At today’s fuel prices, the A340 is increasingly attractive as the cost of operation is greatly reduced, while its range, performance and capacity capabilities make it a very appealing value proposition for operators.

Composed of four variants – the A340-200, A340-300, A340-500 and A340-600 – A340 Family aircraft are available at competitive rates, offering attractive and efficient jetliners for carriers looking at long-haul market opportunities.

Used aircraft for sale or lease are posted as they become available. Check this page regularly for updates.

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